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KLM Surprise
Short little marketing documentary on a social media campaign by KLM.

New Digital Stories | WebsiteThis site has examples of video marketing from around the world.Some of the productions have large budgets many others have budgets that are appropriate for a small business or organization.Look at what others have developed and maybe you will see a style that will work for you.

Official Video for a British Campaign of Sensitivity
Deaf NOT Dumb | Video Production
This is a creative video piece performed in a ‘rap-style’ using British Sign Language (BSL) that focuses on the key issues that matter most to the group.

Marczyk Fine Foods
Marczyk Fine Foods
This video focuses on the basic concept behind the store through the voice of its owner, which is a world class market in your own neighborhood.

Life at Yale – A Gem of a Recruiting Video
You need to get past the first minute to see that this is a real gem of a recruiting video for Yale University.

Shock Tactics in this Classic Worker Safety PSA
Shock Tactics in this Classic Worker Safety PSA
Here is a classic PSA front 2007 that got lots of responses- not all positive - when it was shown in Ontario.


SDC Video Production
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